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Outdoor advertising adventure

March 31, 2020

I consider becoming an entrepreneur around 2000. I was in college back then, trying to get into Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. I was having a great time, living out of my house but also out of town.

Time flew quickly, it was time to submit my application to discover that my GPA wasn’t that great, so I started considering other options. I got in political science instead, which turn out to be very enjoyable. I was reading a lot back then and realize that it was like a passion to me until this day.
I wanted to get into law school right after I finished political science. Still, my father was clear that he was waiting for me to finish my already delayed career; So I was not in a position to ask for him to pay for my postgraduate scholarship. Since turning to my dad was not an option, I had to search for ways to earn money without being present and focus on learning. For some reason, I thought outdoor advertising sounded like a promising way to do so, and I could earn money collecting from rented billboards. I was on the right track with a great idea. Only I didn’t know what was coming.

My best bet, to act quickly, was to find a place in the interstate highway on my way back to Mexico. I found the perfect location, over the hill, with visibility on both sides of the road. I planed a V shape, so the contrary way of the road could get the most of the billboard space. I spoke to the landowner, and they signed my already prepared contract, which I filled in with his name.

Next, I went to the federal commission to discover there was a dependency in charge of that exact portion of the interstate. I went there to get a permit. The man that help me out with the process told me he had a friend that could build the billboard; it was a great deal in one meeting. I got a loan. I paid for what they had asked. The man started processing the permit as he said, then gave me my receive.

I tried to sell it to random people, business, then my dad helped me out with a contact, and I rented the billboard, I was up to a great start.
One day driving back to Mexico I was shocked to see the billboard on the ground, I pulled over I, couldn’t believe it. I just collected two months of rent, know this.
Back at home with tears in my eyes, I had to make a desition, to continue or do something else, I chose the former.

Know, I prepared, took an engineer to the place with me to learn from my mistakes. As you might be wondering, there were no guarantees we didn’t even have blueprints for it or calculation. I did my numbers and went to do it all over again, my self. I also learned to draw in Autocad; this time, the construction was revised and signed by a real engineer.