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Recommendation to have your billboards rented

April 3, 2020

I wanted to share with you a piece of advice on how to keep most of your billboards rented. First and stating the obvious: when your spaces are available for too long, you are losing money, when you have a big inventory, this isn’t so obvious.

Considering that you built a billboard with a great location, with high visibility but you still found out they are available. It could be the result of various factors, and it is a vicious circle, prospects might thing is blank because it didn’t work.
To fix this, find a renter that wants to do institutional advertising of their brand. They want their company name on it, and they do not have a particular promotion or dated discount, they only want to be recognized.

Must be a big recognized brand, so your prospects assume they made a conscientious and analyzed decision to rent the billboard so they might wish to the same space without giving so much thought afterward.

You might be wondering how I am going to convince the big brand company to rent my unrented billboards? Well, you are going to offer them half the price, with a catch. Whenever you rent these billboards at a full price, you will stop billing the moment new advertising comes up the space.