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Size of billboards in Mexico as opposed to the US

April 7, 2020

The most common size for a billboard in the US is 14′ x 48′ (height x length) of a rectangular shape. In Mexico, as opposed to the advertising industry in the US you first state width then height, and it is 12.90 x 7.20 meters (more squarely) and doing the conversion is 42′ x 24′ that it is almost twice the size or 49% bigger in Mexico than it is in the US.
When I started constructing billboards in Mexico, I tried to take the same size or pattern from the US in Mexico. Still, it was not well-accepted through the advertisers; they were looking for something more uniform throughout the country, the 42′ x 24′ type.
I started to see that competition was construction a rectangular shape half the size but to get the permit, and then the top half once their license was approved.
I could not do that with the ones I already had constructed because the length was longer and needed more money for significant changes. When I needed to erect more billboards, I used the 12.9 x 7.20 approach.